In my former role as a community and events manager, I would plan, execute, and oversee several events such as competitions, trade shows, classes, and workshops. Here are just a few examples of ones that I organized:

US National AeroPress Championships, Oakland, CA – 2019 Photos by Evan Gilman

Fellow Presents: Women In Coffee, A Forum, San Francisco, CA – 2018

Fellow Presents: New Throwdown, Who Dis?, San Francisco, CA – 2018 Photos by Lindsey Shea

SF Coffee Fest, San Francisco, CA – 2019, International Housewares Association Expo, Chicago, IL – 2019, and Specialty Coffee Association Expo, Boston, MA – 2019 (respectively)

Various workshops with notable coffee professionals such as Sam Spillman, Umeko Motoyoshi, Dylan Siemens, and Matt Perger at Fellow, San Francisco, CA – 2018-2019

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